Personalization in Marketing

When something is geared towards you, you are more likely to pay attention. To maybe even feel seen or special, this is why personalization in digital marketing is so important. You want the individual you are targeting to feel targeted. This doesn’t mean you customize emails and ads for a singular person, there are other ways to do it. 

A huge one being smart content. Smart content allows for part of a website or email to be customized towards the individual’s past behaviors. In a way, think of it as a for you section, it can also be taken past websites and emails as some companies are including it on their apps.

On the left, is an image of the Miami HEAT’s For You section on their app. While at times it may seem generic given the current events happening. There are times for those that have an account connected to the app, they will see content there a bit more tailored to them.

However, it doesn’t have to be taken to the extent of smart content. When it comes to email marketing, having a more personalized subject line can go a long way. After all, if there is smart content inside the email, but the individual never opens the email the job isn’t done. It could be a discount directly tailored for an individual or even as simple as an email mentioning the customer by name.

As seen above the subject line from Petco comes off as personalized. While the subject line from Megabus, you know, was just sent out as a bulk email for the upcoming holiday.

Personalized digital marketing is something everyone should be doing. After all, giving your customer this sense of personalization could help build trust and customer loyalty. By giving a current or potential customer the feel of a one to one, or that someone understands them you’ll head in the right direction.

Written by Adialis Garcia | LinkedIn

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