In order to have success, we must ensure that our marketing and sales teams communicate. The two departments must have the chance to come together and discuss their observations, doing this allows both groups to see the strengths and weaknesses. After this is assessed, both departments can tackle their weaknesses and hone in on their strengths together; eventually allowing them to come together and create a campaign that works for them. Say that the sales department’s weakness is cold calling, but the marketing department has a successful newsletter that they allow people who are interested in the organization to sign up for. Although the newsletter is not directed at those that are looking to buy, it shows an interest in the organization. The marketing department could alter the registration and add a section that allows the individual to select what most interests them. Marketing passes this information over to sales and they now have more insight on those who could potentially be interested, this way when cold-calling takes place there is significant research on the potential client’s interest to manipulate the call in a way that catches their interest.

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