Finding Your Target Audience

Do you know your target audience? Knowing your audience is a must as it helps in figuring out where to market and what your tactics will be. If you answered no, creating a buyer persona would be beneficial. A buyer persona is essentially your ideal customer; while creating this persona you list what their day-to-day life looks like, what they hope to achieve, and their challenges. What is it about them that makes your product the right product for them?

Buyer Persona Example

By doing this you are seeing what the person who needs or wants your product is like, is it, single moms? Teenagers? Using their other interest, such as going on certain social media platforms or stores lets you know where to find and what else may appeal to them; this way you can create the perfect tactic. Now that you know what your ideal buyer is, you’ll be able to target people similar to them, your target audience.

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