Giving a Customers a Little Push in Their Customer Journey

Sometimes consumers don’t know what they want, it’s typical for an individual to go on a website add things to their cart, and never return. Now they did want this item to an extent, maybe they just didn’t need it or it wasn’t the right time. This means we have a chance to potentially steer them back and possibly have them purchase.

Now trying to skew someone into buying something doesn’t mean ignoring the times they tell you no. It means reaching out once or twice to see where they stand, if it’s a definite no then we could move on. There’s nothing wrong with reminding a potential customer about what they left in their cart or even offering a little incentive to get them to hit purchase. 

You could do this by sending them an email if you were able to collect their email address from them. Or even by retargeting them with ads across different platforms. These little reminders could easily help push the customer along in the customer journey process. Overall, there is nothing wrong with giving potential customers a little mental push in the direction of the purchase button. You just need to be wise about when and how to do it and know when to stop.

Written by Adialis Garcia | LinkedIn

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