How Oreo Used Twitter to Take Advantage of The Moment

Social media marketing, while many believe it’s as simple as just posting; it actually has a strategy behind it. There have been many times when social media posts and campaigns have backfired, as companies don’t think the post through. However, there are many others who have found great success. It requires impromptu thinking so that you can take advantage of any situation or trend that comes to light. Oreo did just that.
In 2013, there was a power outage during the third quarter of the Super Bowl. Oreo’s social media marketing team sprung into action, taking advantage of the situation with this tweet.

The company had a 15-person social media team that was able to react fast enough. While the team had planned ahead tweets based on the winner they took a situation no one was expecting and created something out of it. That impromptu idea ended up making the internet go wild, resulting in multiple media outlets referring to Oreo as the “Super Bowl winner”. 

Part of its success came from the fact that people were trying to figure out what was going on and trying to stay on top of the game. What is one platform aside from sports networks that people tend to use to stay on top of sports? Twitter. So as individuals were scavenging the app they’d come across the ad perfectly tailored to the ongoing situation.

Marketing can be viewed as an art, it is important to have that artistic and creative person on your team. One who has many ideas and isn’t scared to bring those ideas to life. It is also important to have some wiggle room in order to take advantage of opportunities that may present themselves. All these social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and many more are able to give these impromptu posts a platform. A platform that allows them to be shared and talked about worldwide unlike other marketing formats.

Written by Adialis Garcia | LinkedIn

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