How to Avoid a Disastrous Co-Branding Campaign

There have been many failed co-branding moments in the past, one could look past them and just view them as bad marketing but it could go beyond that. Let’s take a look at Target and Neiman Marcus, now what do these two brands have in common? That’s a good question not much, but more importantly not enough to have a successful co-branding moment. 

Now there are times when brands that completely differ could work out. However, it is best if your target audience is relatively similar which is where these two brands failed. Target tends to be more affordable than Neiman Marcus. To some Neiman Marcus is a luxury when Target is basic and an everyday thing, clearly two different target groups which one could see would not align correctly. That’s exactly what happened it didn’t work out.

Before co-branding learn from prior mistakes! Make sure that at least your audience aligns and that your views do as well. 

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