How to Successfully Communicate Through Short-Form Videos

Communication is the key to most things in life. When someone doesn’t know how to properly communicate relationships can fall apart, and arguments can arise out of misinformation. So why wouldn’t it be a key component of marketing? The thing with marketing is we get to be a little sneaky with communicating, and if done correctly no one gets hurt.

In recent times, with the rise of short-form videos things are a bit different. In order to properly manipulate your audience, you need to show relatability and originality. When it comes to showing relatability, one popular approach is the use of the present and future tense and the use of “we” vs “I”. In a video that shows how a product is made, let’s use cupcakes as an example, instead of saying “I made cupcakes using buttercream” try saying “We are going to be making cupcakes using buttercream” this way, now the audience feels included and is more likely to stay engaged. That small change when communicating with your audience paired with an original idea and you’ve got a great start.

At the end of the day, the viewer wants to feel a connection. They want to feel like they are on this journey with you, and this way they will come back the next day to what you both will be doing. This builds a relationship a bit stronger than just a consumer-buyer relationship, as you are allowing this person to live with you; they may start viewing you as more of an acquaintance. As this relationship grows through relatable and original content, the individual is more likely to spend money on you or your company.

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