Three Tips When Interviewing a Professional 

Interview with Cassandra Behar, Director of Marketing for the Miami HEAT

I had the pleasure of interviewing Cassandra Behar, she has worked her way up to becoming the Director of Marketing Strategy for the Miami HEAT.

She has been with the HEAT for over a decade now, and was able to share with me what her job consist of. Along with, what inspired her and where their marketing team draws inspiration from.

Three Tips When Interviewing a Professional 

Interviewing a high up professional could be nerve wrecking to say the least, especially when they work for a company you one day hope to work for. Couple weeks back I had the amazing opportunity to interview the Director of Marketing Strategy for the Miami HEAT, Cassandra Behar. However, looking back at it there are some things I would do differently and I believe that others should keep in mind.

  1. Script it out. You don’t know how an individual will answer so it’s important to have a good follow up or transition question if needed. While you may be great at coming up with questions on the spot it’s never wrong to prepare.
  2. Get confident. Try to do something right before your interview that will bring your level of confidence up, remember giving your input during an interview isn’t bad. It could actually be appreciated.
  3. Research. Now I went deep into research, but I see how this can go over someone’s head. It goes beyond knowing their current and past positions, watch or read any other interviews this individual has done. Not only could it help you come up with questions, maybe something they said and would like to know more about. It could also help you avoid certain questions that they may not have an answer to, or maybe one they get too often.

There is obviously the basics now, if you are doing it online make sure your device is working. If the individual lives elsewhere make sure both are aware of the timezones. Although it is nerve wrecking, it is an amazing way to build a connection with someone in the industry you may want to work in so don’t be scared and go for it!

Written by Adialis Garcia | LinkedIn

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