Sports and entertainment are huge industries that require an enormous amount of marketing; more importantly, it must be clear and purposeful to attract and retain the intended audience. To achieve this, we must have a noise-free communication channel. Before we put something out we must ensure it has a clear purpose and that said message cannot be inferred as something else. This means we must revise and research what we are trying to say while keeping the target audience in mind; this is due to different demographics oftentimes having different interpretations as a result of things like pop culture. When it comes to sports this would be a bit simpler considering the target audience is known and just varies depending on the sport. However, when it comes to entertainment the audience is constantly changing. Say you are trying to market an upcoming movie with your demographic being gen-z; in that case as you develop your idea it would be appropriate to research lingo, trends, and what is viewed as problematic. By doing this you can get an idea of what to avoid and what to incorporate; this way when you send the message you are avoiding a type of noise and the message is clear.

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