Companies that once were thriving on loyal customers are now finding themselves struggling post-pandemic. These past two years have been hard on everyone’s lives having people’s priorities change. However, that doesn’t mean companies should just give up on their old customers.

Especially post-pandemic, it is important to make your customers feel valued. Throughout the pandemic, they most likely experienced shipment delays due to company closures and employee shortages. In current times, they may still be experiencing issues with no longer having their favorite product available or no longer being able to return unwanted items. Due to this, companies need to create incentives, to have these once loyal customers come again.

In order to figure out what customers may want, marketing and sales departments should send out surveys to the emails of customers who had previously registered. In these surveys, simple questions such as what product they would like to see come back or what was their latest purchase. Depending on the responses, a company may be able to bring back a deeply missed discontinued product or create custom discounts for customers based on their purchase history. Due to the increase in shipping times and lost packages during the pandemic, a company may even offer these loyal customers free express shipping.

In short, considering how people’s lives have drastically changed in the past two years, companies are struggling with customer retention. In order to regain these once loyal customers, alongside creating new ones, the company’s marketing and sales departments should work together in order to find the correct incentive for their customers.

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