The Unique Brand Identity: You’re Not You When You Copy

What do you want your brand to be known for? Brand identity is elements of your brand that consumers can identify your brand from. Think of any major brand and you could typically associate them with some kind of element. Nike’s swoosh, Apple’s bitten apple. Brand identity can help give value to your products; when someone knows your product and is able to recognize it, it sets you apart.

Your brand identity differentiates you. Say you’re shopping for chocolate, you’re more likely going to pick out a brand you know, like Snickers. Snickers has a strong brand identity created through time with not only packaging but commercials as well. They are easy to recognize and are known as a chocolate bar that satisfies you even when you’re not feeling like yourself. This association is going to lead you to be more likely to pick up a Snickers than a chocolate you’ve never really heard of. Your brand identity is what will have consumers choosing you over competitors.

Brand identity is something to invest your time on. It doesn’t just have to be a logo; it could be a slogan or a sound; the possibilities are endless. Craft something that is unique, your own, and work to make it known.

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