Avoid a Downfall and Focus on Customer Mindset

Ticketmaster is currently being accused of being a monopoly. This is a result of them, time and time again letting down their customers while also having bought out their competitors. They have failed when it comes to customer mindset. The public is looking for a way never to use Ticketmaster again; they want an alternative. Currently, they even have a court case open against them due to having an unfair refund policy.

Customer mindset is an extremely important part of the brand value chain, and a relatively easy part, yet many businesses like Ticketmaster tend to fail due to it. In order to create a positive customer mindset, it’s important to, think of the customer. What are their needs? Wants? Having responsive customer service emails or hotlines lets the customer know you care about their issues since you are giving them a way to solve them. Customers are the reason businesses succeed. Anticipate their needs, give timely responses, and give quality services and products. That will put you one step closer to making it as a business as a brand.

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