The Miami HEAT Take On The 80s

The power of nostalgia. It can send chills down your body and leave you teary-eyed even if you weren’t around to see it the first time. There is an emotion and love that shines through making it powerful. 2023 is a very special year for the Miami HEAT, although they aren’t the only team to go retro they are celebrating it as they take on their 35th season.

In 1988, Miami welcomed its professional basketball team. 

In 2023, the city welcomed them back after the holidays in the same uniform they first met them in. Although now a different team, the feeling of nostalgia not only ran through the arena but through its marketing as well.

It starts with…

The player intro, the team takes on the city of Miami in the 80s. Not only showing the iconic Calle 8 but showcasing 80s pop culture as well. This video was released on Instagram and YouTube and served the purpose of announcing the “new” classic collection and plays every night in the arena when the classic jerseys are being worn.

Integrating through Innovation

The Miami HEAT app is used by fans who either want to take advantage of the entire arena experience or just see how the game is going. The app tends to change almost on a daily basis keeping the information updated. This also allows them to market their upcoming games, again taking the classic route when the jerseys are to be worn.

Nostalgia Across Channels

The HEAT’s social media team is doing a great job of highlighting this nostalgic feeling across Instagram while also integrating a bit of it on TikTok. They have been doing this by posting segments with the players testing their 80s knowledge or having them highlight and speak on past players. On their Instagram, they have been posting pictures taken on film, and videos that have a vintage filter on while using the hashtag #Heat35. While on TikTok besides repurposed content, they have been focusing more on behind-the-scenes and experiential content.

Written by Adialis Garcia | LinkedIn

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