The NBA & Golden State Warriors: Keeping Brands in Mind

Managing brands over time is important, just because you were able to grow into this huge and well-known brand doesn’t mean you could just set it aside. While important overall, this has even greater of an impact if you are constantly dealing with brand extensions like the NBA.

The National Basketball Association, also known as the NBA, is constantly expanding with new video games and events. Considering the association has so many teams within it, they mainly tend to focus on their big market teams but are always looking for creative ways to do so. A couple of weeks back in order to promote one of their video games they released this commercial.
NBA All World Commercial

Now, this commercial not only allows them to promote the NBA and its new game. It also allows them to promote the Golden State Warriors by using two of its players Andrew Wiggins and Jordan Poole, and although the team isn’t named they are seen wearing their gear and both players are easily associated with the team by many basketball fans. By doing this they ensure that not only are potential consumers learning about what is new but that current consumers also keep the brand in mind. 

Golden State Warriors forward Andrew Wiggins (22) and guard Jordan Poole (3)

Although not direct to the eyes of someone who isn’t a Warriors fan. This commercial follows a format similar to what the team’s marketing department does that their fans may be able to catch on. The team looks to grow their fanbase by making players more personable through the use of social media videos. Many who are aware of these videos know about the common Wiggs and Poole videos, as the team tends to market them together due to their personalities matching. The average Warriors fan could see this commercial not only potentially play the game, but also connect it back to the organization.

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