The Potential Change to Social Media & Content Jobs Due to AI

With the rise of AI (artificial intelligence), we can all expect some changes across different industries and departments. After all we are currently seeing not only an uproar in certain industries, but the creation of some new jobs concentrated in AI. Social media is for sure going to face some changes in the next couple of months and years. It is looking to initially start off as a simple thing using AI to create scripts and gather information that can be used in different formats across platforms. As it goes, it would be used to create graphics for posts or edit pictures, as we are already seeing the beginning stages of. Potentially it could be used to scope out competitors and have the content they are putting analyzed, which would be pretty neat to have.

However, If there are proven results using AI to create these scripts and ideas it is possible that there would be a cut in jobs or in hours. Now you would no longer need a brain behind these ideas, just someone in back of a camera or in front of a device, taking care of the details that AI can’t fix just yet.

What is certain at least now in the beginning, is that it’s best to be weary. There is tons of misleading information you can get from it, just because it could answer you doesn’t mean it’s going to give you the right answer. After all, it’s only as good as what’s out there on the internet. After playing around with various types of AI to see how much it knows it often gives out tons of outdated information. I took it a step forward to have it try and determine some influencers niche and target audiences, and it failed.

Ultimately there will be some changes that we might see sooner than later not only when it comes to social media jobs, but across most industries and departments. Since there is nothing we can do, it’s time to take advantage of it and learn the ins and outs, to properly succeed in the future.

Written by Adialis Garcia
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