On a day-to-day basis, we don’t really think about music; unless you are a musician, composer, or something in that realm. However, we hear it on the radio or streaming services nearly every day. It’s constantly there in movies and advertisements; we just don’t really realize it unless it gives us a reason to.

When music is used correctly, it is powerful; it has the ability to move you in such a way that you don’t forget it. On the other hand, if used incorrectly, you can have the most heart-pounding or moving scene but no one is going to feel it because it doesn’t have the correct music or sound to trigger that feeling. When creating a video ad it is important to think, about how I want my audience to feel. Using it correctly can have someone feeling all kinds of things, from chills to excitement to even the feeling of heartbreak.

First, you create the script for the commercial and film it, while not everyone does it this way. I think it is important as you are doing this you of what you want the music to sound like. Then, when it comes to the music you have to think of feeling and what you are portraying, say your idea is to create an emotional video that then leads to a happy ending. You aren’t going to make the music upbeat the whole way through; instead, the music would start with a sad slow tempo; then as the storyline moves on its speed will start increasing and it will start getting more upbeat as it goes until the end it no longer has the sad and slow tempo, just the upbeat one. This will allow the person watching it to feel; therefore they become more likely to remember the product.

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